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Cook Smart to Eat Well – Personal Food Coaching

Do you want to eat better, but hate the thought of heading into the kitchen after a long day? It takes too long and the results aren’t what you wanted? And who has the time to shop in a time-poor lifestyle? Many people feel the same, and most find that the real problem is a lack of skill and know-how.

Our coaching services are for people of all skill levels – from secondary school students to skilled cooks. Even if you can’t boil an egg, we can help improve your skills and confidence in the kitchen.

Whether your aim is to become a better cook, learn the basics to live independently, or learn how to eat well in a time-poor lifestyle we can help. Our “Cook Smart to Eat Well” approach helps you improve your skills, expand your know-how, and take control of your kitchen and eating.

Coaching focuses on healthy eating and weight management for the individual wanting to learn how to eat better and avoid overly processed foods in a time-poor lifestyle.

These lessons are geared to teach skills that are often the biggest barrier to eating well. From knife handling, to planning and carrying out your menu, shopping, preparation, and cooking the meal, there are a series of challenges and a number of very effective techniques we teach to make it easier, and reduce the time required to make a good meal from fresh ingredients.


We start with a preliminary assessment to ascertain the skill level and needs of the client. Then a program is put in place to meet their objectives. This may include training to develop their technical skills, understanding of nutrition, menu planning, ingredient lists and shopping. Finally we deliver the plan, which can be scheduled over 1 day, or a number of sessions depending on the content to be covered.

Topics Covered

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Building cooking skills
  • Menu planning
  • Shopping – planning; selection
  • Preparation – mise en place
  • Cooking the meal

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Professional Education & Training

VictorsFood provide professional culinary training. With Certificate IV accreditation in Hospitality training, VictorsFood can design and deliver a plan to meet your long term objectives. Individuals, schools and businesses who need staff training with their food products or professional cooking techniques benefit from this service.

We also deliver specialised workshops for high schools, TAFE and private colleges for cuisine-based content: chillies, Latin American, Mexican, American, Mediterranean, Spanish and Greek.

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