Food Facilitation


Advance your objectives using food as a medium and cooking as the metaphor for action. The primal power of cooking and eating together as a bonding activity helps us teach your team essential aspects of

  • time management
  • communication skills
  • conflict resolution
  • project management and
  • health & wellness

through a medium we all know and love – food.

Enhance performance management, change your organisational culture and give your team people skills in an enjoyable activity.

Cooking team building is particularly effective because your team is out of their element, yet in the familiar, comforting space of the kitchen so they are engaged, but not “exposed”. By presenting them interesting new information and challenges, the outcomes are still the focus, yet the process is engaging and fluid so you can explore the group dynamic in a more revealing light and make the metaphor more compelling to your objective.

From 45 minute Cook Smart to Eat Well sessions to a 4 hour MasterChef Challenge, VictorsFood can tailor any of our team building activities to your facilitation objectives.

To maximise the team building impact of your event, we have a network of expert facilitators we can recommend for your consideration.

For a glimpse of the potential of this pairing, check out Raw Ingredients, the powerful new corporate development program we offer in partnership with Logical Creativity.

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