Business Networking Events that Sizzle


Do you have a networking event to organise and need something different? Go beyond the ‘same old’ sushi rolls and gourmet meat pies – make it ‘sizzle’! Create an exciting, interactive event using food not only to feed your guests, but as the way to get them to engage….

  • We maximise the power of cooking and eating together to build professional business relationships
  • In only 10-15 minutes your guests create exciting dishes, with enough to share around, leaving plenty of time to mix and mingle
  • Guests experience how cooking can break down barriers and get them connecting to the people they cook with…
  • and the people they ‘serve’ – “Hi, my name is Paul, I’d like you to try this dish I just made. What’s your name and what do you do?”
  • Our Chef Presenters are engaging, professional chefs with real talent for teaching and trained to help people connect
  • From $45 per person +GST …

No matter what your profession, we all respond to food! No attitude and no pretense – your guests will enjoy getting involved and sharing with each other.

Carlita Glode, National Events Coordinator, Property Council of Australia
(Property Congress 2012 / Property Fiesta x 600 guests, Cockatoo Island) said:

Feedback on the night was outstanding … all attendees enjoyed the concept and cooking some of the food themselves. The VictorsFood team did a fantastic job at engaging the guests, getting them cooking together and even serving each other. I highly recommend VictorsFood!

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