Conference Events that Sizzle


Take your next conference ice breaker or social event beyond the ‘same old’ canapes and cold cuts – make it ‘sizzle’! Let us create an exciting, interactive event where cooking is the catalyst for connecting your guests (and they get some great food)…

  • Our Chef Presenters are engaging, professional chefs with real talent for teaching, and trained to help people connect
  • We maximise the power of cooking and eating together to enhance professional business relationships – perfect for conference ice breakers
  • In only 10-15 minutes your guests can create exciting dishes, with enough to share around, leaving plenty of time to mix and mingle, or even other activities
  • Guests experience how cooking can break down barriers and get them connecting to the people they cook with…
  • and the people they ‘serve’ – “Hi, my name is Paul, I’d like you to try this dish I just made. What’s your name and what do you do?”
  • We tailor our menus to any cuisine or special interested, such as The Best of NSW Produce
  • Our events provide great entertainment, helping get more from your event budget
  • From $45 per person +GST …

No matter what your industry or focus, people are people first – we all respond to food! No attitude and no pretense – your guests will enjoy getting involved and sharing with each other. Plus, we are unmatched in our ability to deliver your objectives.

Simon Shaw, Head of Stakeholder Relationships at Business Events Sydney
(Australian Business Events Expo 2011 / Hosted Buyers Welcome Dinner x 70 guests) said:

The feedback we received from the guests was this experience moulded a group of people who didn’t know each other into a group more like old friends without even realising that was the intention.

VictorsFood were able to integrate a room full of buyers and sellers to a point where they weren’t just swapping business cards at the end of the night, but making appointments to meet. This could not have happened without VictorsFood providing the platform for these new relationships to be built.

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